Stand alone solution for converting youtube to MP3 for Windows and Mac


Now there more and more apps and online services for converting YouTube videos to MP3.
Lots of reviews and comparing charts. But there is always be leaders- like Airy YouTube MP3 Converter. It is perfectly convert YouTube videos to MP3.

All You need is:

1. Download it from the link above.

2. Install it.

3. Choose videos on YouTube that you want to convert into MP3s

4. Copy URL links and paste it to Airy.

5. Choose MP3 in drop down menu.2

6. And finally press download button.

All MP3 sounds you would find in Airy folder in your downloads (you can manually choose directory for downloading MP3s from YouTube)


YouTube MP3 Extractor


Sometimes while watching a video on Youtube you just don’t like the video but you like the audio. For example you don’t like the video of a song but you love to listen to that song and you just don’t need it’s video. If you are downloading it to your system then mostly you have to download the whole video and then use some software to convert it to mp3 format.

This problem is resolved by Airy Youtube Downloader. Airy can download all quality of videos from Youtube and it has an additional feature it can also extract mp3 directly from the videos so that you only download the audio or mp3 file and not the whole video which saves both your time and bandwidth.

This is a very unique feature of Airy. It extracts the audio from Youtube videos convert it into mp3 and then downloads it.

It is one of the best Youtube videos to mp3 converter available on the market.

By one click you convert youtube video to MP3. Magic!


A ton of helpful options and just one click! How is that possible?
It is possible with Airy. One of the most effective apps that I’ve installed recently. Perfect video downloader and YouTube mp3 converter.
To convert any YouTube video to MP3 and save it on your computer takes less than a few seconds. I tell you!
You can also download YouTube videos in high resolution and add several links at a time.
Find out more about mp3 YouTube converter options on the Airy official website. Mac and Windows versions are already available.

How to convert youtube videos to mp3


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     Despite constant advertise and redirect from site to site, online YouTube video download services have one big disadvantage – they don’t allow to convert YouTube video to mp3 files. You need to use a separate app for this.

    But due to Airy and other similar software I can save my time and nerves, downloading YouTube videos and extracting MP3 sound from them faster and easier. Apart from YouTube mp3 converter Airy has an option to download several videos in HD simultaneously.

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Fancy interface delivers the best user’s experience. It’s really so easy to manage, trust me! Mac and Windows versions are available.